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Should you do a first touch or first look at your wedding?


So many couples ask that very question. They just aren't sure if they should do a first touch or first look at our wedding. They are torn between giving up the anticipation of when the Bride simply appears out of nowhere dressed all in white or not having that private moment alone to bask in all the emotions of feeling or seeing each other before they are joined as one. Not to mention calming each other's nerves before it's go time!

On one hand, the raw and genuine emotion of the groom when his bride comes around the corner, behind closed doors or even down a grand staircase can be so breathtaking. The guests will be turning heads back and forth to capture both her entrance and his emotion so they won’t miss either magical moment.

But on the other hand, having those same raw and genuine emotions in a first look or touch, where you can cry together, laugh together, feel and touch each other in the moment can be so intimate and special. And that special moment will belong to just the two of them, forever.

There are so many ways to ponder this as you are planning your big day. But I think you will find, in the end that the decision you make will be what feels right for you as a couple and based on that, will always be the right decision for your wedding day!!

The Bride and Groom first touch, first look
Bride and Groom first touch

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